Welcome to Speak Up 2012

Speak Up, a national online research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow®, gives individuals the opportunity to share their views about key issues in K-12 education.  This year we are inviting colleges and universities to have their students who training to become teachers participate in this survey.

Project Tomorrow believes that our aspiring teachers hold valuable information about the future of education and our nation’s ability to create 21st century schools. Their comfort and use of technology in and out of an educational setting, ability to use technology for organizational purposes or to differentiate  instruction, and willingness to use technology in new ways to transform a students’ learning experience provide us with insights that will help us better prepare them before they enter the classroom.
The value of participating in Speak Up is two-fold: participating colleges and universities will have free, online access to their results with national benchmarks and these aspiring teaches will have a voice in the national, state and local dialogue about K-12 education as we share the findings with policymakers through briefings, presentations, webinars and reports.
Any college student, who is participating in a degree or credential program that will prepare them for a career as a K-12 teacher, is eligible to take the survey, regardless of prior student teaching experience. 

Speak Up for Aspiring Teachers is facilitated through online surveys and will be aggregated at the institution level.  All of the data is 100% confidential and no specific institutional findings will be shared with anyone outside of the participating college or university. Please see our confidentiality policy for further clarification of this key program component. 

Project Tomorrow is very pleased to be partnering with American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future and Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities on this year’s special Speak Up for Aspiring Teachers.

Speak Up 2012 will be open
October 12th – December 18th, 2010.

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